Zsuzsanna Rácz

Zsuzsanna Rácz

Personlig træner
SATS Roskilde
Level: 2
Our body is a wonderful structure,which works perfectly when it is well-tuned. I want to help you find the best way to be able to work out with passion,awareness and pain free. I have experienced that movements are medicines for us. Every exercise has its purpose,what i want you to understand which exercise is good for you and why. My aim is to give you confidence which you can bring with yourself

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09:00 - 15:00
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For the last 8 years I helped for numerous people to live a pain free life.
Olympiske løft
Lifting things up is superefficient and gives you extremely good feeling.
From the start until you become healthy and your body functions well.


I was a long distance runner in the ancient times:) it teaches how to be tough in head.
Funktionel træning
I have been a Crossfit competitor. Thanks to that i know hard work pays off.

Uddannelse og kurser

Sports Coach
International Wellness Institute
bodyArt trainer, deepWORK trainer
bodyArtSchool Hungary
Pilates instructor
Fitness Academy
kinesio tape specialist
Pro Body Concept
Rehabilitation trainer
Maximum Performance


Gabor Szabo35 år
I turned to Zsu primarily because my shoulders are very stiff and I cannot do overhead work without compensation. She assessed my condition and immediately saw the problems, for which she compiled personalized exercises and explained the how to.
Szilvia40 år
I like how Zsu's approach to personal training. She always knows what my body and my soul needs, she can select the best exercises from a very wide range she has experience with.The training sessions are always exciting and stretch my limits.

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