Cancellation of SATS Online

Membership in SATS Online can be terminated every month, unless a binding period has been specified (e.g. an Annual membership will have a binding period of 12 months). The membership expires at the end of the payment period. Beyond this, there is no binding period.

After the current payment period has expired, the membership is automatically renewed and payment is deducted for the next 30 days - unless the membership is canceled before the end of the payment period.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will continue to have access for the remainder of the current payment period. After this, the membership will no longer auto-renew, and you will lose access to SATS Online`s hundreds of training sessions and other functionality.

To cancel your membership, log in to My pages at SATS Online and select Change membership.

If you own an Rflex but choose to end your membership, selected content will still be available so you can continue your training.