Har du modtaget en gammel opkrævning?

Why should I pay this invoice when it is such a long time ago?

This is a payment for SATS services/products that you have used or have had access to. Like other companies, SATS can also reclaim unpaid invoices according to regulations in Danish law (https://www.retsinformation.dk/eli/lta/2015/1238).

  • Some members have received two reminders about the payment via e-mail. Remember to have right contactinformation on your profile.

  • According to our terms members are also responsible for contacting SATS if they have not received their invoice and payment information (ref. 3.2 in our Terms & conditions)

Why haven’t you sent me this reminder earlier?

There can be different reasons for why the reminder can be sent out later than usual. We have a new external partner for sending reminders and processes.

What happens if I don't pay the invoice within due date?

Our first reminder does not include any fees. The second reminder includes a fee of 100 DKK. Please be aware that non-paid invoices will be handled by our debt collector Intrum.