Applies from 15.03.2022


The following terms and conditions are applicable between the person ("Member") who is named in the agreement ("Membership Agreement") and SATS. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the Membership Agreement. In addition to the Membership Agreement, the member shall also be bound by specific terms and conditions that may, at any time, apply to other services and offers. These terms and conditions are available on our website.


2.1. SATS membership can be taken out by persons over the age of 18 who:

2.1.1. Are in generally good health and, in the opinion of SATS, there is no obvious risk to the person's health and/or injury.

2.1.2. Does not have any outstanding debt associated with a previous SATS membership.

2.1.3. Has not previously been banned from one or several SATS centres.

2.1.4. Has not acted negligently in connection with a previous SATS membership.

2.2. A person under the age of 18 may take out SATS membership with the agreement of their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will be legally responsible for the membership and will be liable for all payments associated with membership.

2.3. The Member will be issued with a SATS membership card. The membership card remains the property of SATS and is for the personal use of the Member only. The Card may not be lent or transferred to a third party. On termination of membership, the Member is to destroy the membership card without undue delay.

2.4. A photo of the Member will be taken at time of enrolment.

2.5. Membership is valid from the date specified in the Membership Agreement. 

2.6. Membership in SATS is a continuing agreement, irrespective of the binding period. At the end of the binding period, membership shall continue until membership is ended, in accordance with chapter 7.

2.7. Membership is personal and may not be transferred or used by anyone other than the member.

2.8. Membership gives the member the right to use any SATS centre as specified in the Membership Agreement. The Member also has the right to take advantage of all available offers according to the applicable terms and conditions.

2.9. SATS´ at any times applicable memberships, concepts and additional services with associated descriptions and rates, appears on our website.

2.10. Upgrading membership: Members can upgrade their membership at any time, in order to use multiple centres, concepts and additional services in accordance with SATS available offers. Upgrades are effective immediately.

2.11. Downgrading membership: Members can downgrade their membership at any time, in order to access fewer centres, concepts or additional services. Downgrades take effect at the end of the following month.

2.12. When changing membership level, Members with membership that SATS no longer offers, will be transferred to the SATS membership structure available at that time.

2.13. SATS cannot guarantee spaces will be available in training sessions etc., where numbers are limited.

2.14. SATS will, as far as possible, adapt its offers and opening hours at fitness centres in line with member preferences. Fitness centres can sometimes be closed or open with reduced services in connection with public holidays, maintenance work or Force Majeure (see clause 9.1).

2.15. CCTV cameras are installed in SATS´ fitness centres.

2.16. Discounts

2.16.1. Student

Students can take advantage of the discount rate available at any time when taking out membership. The student discount is subject to presenting valid Student ID at time of joining and then every year the discount is claimed. Student discounts are available up to the age of 30. When the Member reaches the age of 31, the student discount will no longer be available, even if the Member still has valid Student ID. When the terms and conditions for the student discount are no longer met, the monthly membership fee will be adjusted to the standard price. Membership will then continue until further notice or until the Member gives notice to terminate.

2.16.2. Company Standard company agreement

Members who are registered via a standard company agreement are entitled to the discount rate in accordance with the specific agreement between SATS and the company of which the Member is an employee. Members are obliged to notify SATS if they are no longer an employee of that company. If the standard company agreement terms and conditions no longer apply, the monthly membership fee will revert to the standard price. Membership will then continue until the Member gives notice to terminate this. Subsidised company agreement

Members who are registered via a subsidised company agreement have the right to the discounted rate in accordance with the specific agreement between SATS and the company of which the Member is an employee. The company is obliged to notify SATS if the member is no longer an employee of the company. Within one (1) month of receipt of such notification, SATS will notify the member that the terms and conditions of a Subsidised company agreement are no longer available, and that the Member will henceforth be liable for monthly membership fees. At the same time, the membership fee will revert to the standard price. Membership will then continue until the Member gives notice to terminate.

2.16.3. Senior citizens

Persons aged 65 or above, will be offered the relevant discount rate when applying for membership.

2.16.4. Membership for persons under the age of 18. Persons 12-14 years of age.

Persons from 12 to 14 years of age will be offered the relevant discount rate when joining. From the age of 15, the monthly membership fee will increase in line with the terms and conditions that apply for members aged 15-17, see clause Persons 15-17 years of age.

Persons from 15 to 17 years of age will be offered the relevant discount rate when joining. From the age of 18, the monthly membership fee will increase to the standard price. Membership will then continue until the Member gives notice to terminate.

2.17 SATS Rewards

As a member of SATS, you are automatically part of our benefits program, SATS Rewards. A description of the program and its contents is available at all times on our website.


3.1. Members pay a monthly fee, registration fee and any other fees in accordance with SATS´ applicable prices. The same applies to the parent or guardian or other person with legal liability for the membership in accordance with the Membership Agreement.

3.2. The monthly fee is payable at the time agreed on a rolling basis, and in exceptional cases on joining, where specific terms and conditions apply. Members are liable for ensuring that membership fees are paid on time and must contact SATS if a payment request is not received.

3.3. When using an automatic payment service, the Member is liable for setting up the necessary agreement with their bank for the automatic payment of the monthly membership fee to SATS. Member must at all times ensure that the specified amount limit covers the invoice amount, and that the payment is performed by the due date. If the Member does not want to set up an automatic payment service, or the Member´s bank connexion has not confirmed the service to SATS within the 4th of the month, a paper invoice with accrued invoice fee will be issued.

3.4. If the member does not pay by the due date, regardless of payment method, a debt collection notice will be issued with a new due date. In the event of late payment, SATS has the right to claim costs and interest in accordance with the debt collection act, the overdue payment interest act and other applicable legislation.

3.5. If the Member has otherwise defaulted on payment and receives a payment reminder, debt collection notification or debt collection demand from an external debt collection agency, the payment details stated in the invoice from the external debt collection agency is to be used for payment.

3.6. The Member shall have a price guarantee for their monthly membership fee during the binding period. SATS is not entitled to change the membership fee until the end of the binding period, unless the Member wishes to change their current membership. In cases where the Member has a special discount from SATS and the discount ceases to apply at a time when the Member is still subject to the binding period, SATS has the unilateral right to increase the monthly membership fee to the standard price.

3.7. The Member are not required to pay a monthly membership fee if: 3.7.1. Membership is frozen in accordance with chapter 7. 3.7.2. SATS has terminated the Membership Agreement with immediate effect in accordance with clause 7.7. 3.7.3. If the fitness centre the Member usually uses is not available and if, in the opinion of SATS, no other fitness centre is suitable.


4.1. The Member undertakes to:

4.1.1. Familiarise themselves with the SATS Safety Rules and Code of Conduct (general) and other Safety Rules and Codes of Conduct (child care), which are available on our website.

4.1.2. Not use any drugs or performance enhancing substances in accordance with Antidoping Denmark´s relevant applicable guidelines for fitness centres. The use of doping agents is against the law, and any such use can be reported to the police. SATS is entitled to perform random drug tests in collaboration with Anti-Doping Denmark. Members attending a SATS centres when such testing is in progress, shall agree to be tested on request, under the supervision of Anti-Doping Denmark. The drug test will be performed in accordance with the procedure described in a specific document that will be made available to the Member.

4.1.3. Members shall notify SATS of any change of contact details/payment information, including change of name, address, email address, phone number, account number and any other relevant information. Such notification is to be given without undue delay.

4.1.4. Inform SATS of any change of circumstances whereby the Member is no longer entitled to a specific discount scheme. Notification is to be given without undue delay.

4.1.5. Register their membership card on arrival before the Member uses an SATS centre. SATS has the right to ask the Member to show ID.

4.2. SATS is to be notified of any loss of a membership card as soon as possible. SATS will then block the card and issue a new membership card. When issued with a new membership card, the Member undertakes to pay a card replacement fee, in accordance with the relevant prices.

4.3. The Member is responsible for keeping the membership card safe and preventing it being used by anyone else. SATS is to be notified of any suspected misuse as soon as possible.

4.4. The Member can access SATS´ digital services via their personal profile. The Member must not give other physical or legal persons access to these services by sharing their login details etc.


5.1. SATS shall, at all times, treat the Member´s personal data in accordance with our privacy statement and applicable law.

5.2. The Member consents to that SATS and other companies that are part of the same Group, registering, storing and using such personal data (name, national ID number, address, email address, phone number, photograph, payment details and similar) and on the Member's use of SATS services, in order to manage their membership account, including data about services from SATS. The data protection officer responsible for the data is SATS, represented by the CEO. The Member agrees that SATS can save training history data in order to be able to monitor Member activities and facilitate Member training. The Member can also add their own training data which will be stored in a similar way. Here, training history data include information on the number of visits to different fitness centres, which training sessions the Member has attended, whether the Member has booked a place on a group training session or other activity, and whether the Member has cancelled their booking.

5.3. The Member can withdraw consent to their training history and request that such be deleted. SATS will confirm receipt of notification in respect of deletion.

5.4. CCTV surveillance is installed in SATS´ fitness centres, in accordance with clause 2.15. Such surveillance is to prevent/investigate criminal activity and ensure the safety and security of all members. CCTV surveillance and the processing of related data will be in compliance with relevant legislation.

5.5. Information will not be disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the Member, unless such is pursuant to legal inquiries, payment collections, insurance claims or for accounting purposes.

5.6. By entering into the Membership Agreement, the Member consents to SATS using any form of communication with the Member, including electronic communications (email, SMS, MMS etc.), to inform the Member about and/or promotions and other offers, in accordance with article 10 of the marketing act. The Member may withdraw their consent to receive marketing inquiries by contacting SATS. The Member can manage marketing preferences based on consent via the settings in "My pages". The Member may not refuse to receive communications concerning a change to the Membership Agreement, initial inquiries regarding training safety (PT Start) or other important information associated with membership.

5.7. The consent from the Member, as stated above, shall be valid for the length of the Membership Agreement and for a period of six (6) months after termination of the Membership Agreement. This is enable us to give the Member the benefits of having been a member of SATS.

5.8. General information from SATS about the membership will primarily be sent to the email address or home address provided by the Member.


6.1. The Member can apply to freeze their SATS membership. “Freeze” means temporarily stopping the membership for a time-limited period.

6.2. The terms and conditions for freezing membership can be found on our website at all times.

6.3. Your membership can be frozen on our website or by personal request to our Member Care.

6.4. In the event the Member is still in the binding period, this period will be extended by the number of days specified in the freeze period that is granted.

6.5. The Member is not liable to pay membership fees during the freeze period, see clause 3.7.1. Payment-free periods and freeze periods will not necessarily coincide for invoicing reasons.

6.6. At the end of the freeze period, membership shall continue on the terms and conditions in the Membership Agreement. If the Member terminates the membership during the freezing period, one (1) month notice period will apply after the termination of the freezing period. The termination will take effect after expiry of the following month.

6.7. If applying for a further freeze period, the Member can renew the period on our website or by personal request to our Member Care. For an extension of the freeze period, the request must take place before the end of the freeze period.

6.8. In confirming a membership freeze, SATS may require the Member to pay a reasonable administration fee in accordance with SATS´ applicable prices.


7.1. The Member has the right to terminate the Membership Agreement (right to cancellation) by notifying SATS within two (2) weeks of signing of the Membership Agreement, cf. the consumer contracts act, chapter 4. The Member can use the cancellation form that is available on our website. The right to cancellation applies only if the membership is entered into outside a SATS centre. When using the right to cancellation, prepaid fees will be refunded. The Member is required to document that the right to cancel has been exercised in accordance with applicable legislation.

7.2. Membership may be terminated at any time after the end of the binding period. At the end of the binding period, the membership turns into an ongoing agreement in accordance to clause 2.6. The notice period is one (1) month, and termination will take effect at the end of the following month.

7.2.1. When downgrading additional services, a notice period of one (1) month applies. Downgrades take effect at the end of the following month, in accordance with clause 2.11.

7.3. Notice to terminate membership can be done by email to Member Service, contact form or letter. Alternatively, the Member or the parent or guardian can give notice in a SATS center in person. SATS will confirm, by email or letter, that notice to terminate has been received, within two (2) weeks of receipt of such notice. The Member must be able to document that notice to terminate has been given.

7.4. In certain cases, the Member can apply to terminate membership even within the binding period. In which case, the Member must be able to document that specific unforeseen circumstances have arisen that were beyond their control. In addition, such specific circumstances must be the reason why the Member cannot use their membership. An application for termination must be submitted in writing and sent to SATS without undue delay after the circumstances have arisen. SATS will process such an application within a reasonable time and no later than within three (3) weeks after receipt.

7.5. If SATS and the Member jointly agree that continued exercise constitutes a significant risk of adverse effects in respect of the Member's health, the Membership Agreement will be terminated. SATS may require a written statement from a healthcare provider confirming it accepts liability for stating the Member is able to train at SATS. In the event of termination, the Member will be refunded any pre-paid portion of the member fee.

7.6. SATS reserves the right to an annual price adjustment in respect of ongoing agreements based on the increase/decrease in the consumer price index without prior notification. The price adjustment will be based on the development in the consumer price index for the last 12 months prior the price adjustment.

7.7. SATS has the right to block membership for a certain period of time or terminate the Membership Agreement with immediate effect if the member is in material breach of the Membership Agreement. A material breach includes:

7.7.1. Failure to pay the monthly membership fee and other fees, despite a debt collection notice or other form of reminder.

7.7.2. Breaches of Member obligations in accordance with Chapter 4 which are not inconsiderable, including the Member failing to comply with a written or verbal warning from SATS.

7.7.3. Breach of the anti-doping provisions set out in clause 4.1.2, including failing to submit to a drug test on request.


8.1. Training is always at the own risk of the Member. SATS accepts no liability for any injury the Member suffers in connection with their presence at a SATS centre. The corresponding limitation of liability applies to other training facilities under the auspices of SATS. 

8.2. When storing personal belongings in lockers located at the centre, the Member is liable for using their own padlock. If the Member leaves items in lockers located in a SATS centre after normal closing time, SATS has the right to break the Member´s lock and store the items. The Member must collect any such items within two weeks. SATS accepts no liability for the loss of such property, nor within the period named.

8.3. SATS accept no liability for the theft or other loss of Member personal property that the Member brings to a SATS centre. This shall apply regardless of whether the property is locked in a standard locker, a valuables locker or similar.


9.1. SATS shall not be liable for obstructing or restricting circumstances that restrict SATS training facilities to the Member when the circumstances are beyond SATS´ control and SATS was not able to foresee or resolve the consequences of such circumstances (Force Majeure).

9.2. The Membership Agreement shall be subject to Danish law.

9.3. Disputes between the Member and SATS are to be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, either Party may take the dispute to a court of law.

9.4. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English and the Danish version of the Membership Agreement, the latter shall prevail.